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Tv Live Streaming

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watch election results live, Television is one of the major part of every day’s life. It is the main entertainment source of house holds. People gets relaxed watching television after their hectic work at office. Television media is the one of the biggest industry in all the countries.

Now people are interested to watch the television over the internet. Beacuse it gives them to watch vast range of television channels across the world. Internet television (is also known as Internet TV, or Online TV) is a digital distribution television service distributed via the Internet. First internet TV is Greek internet television Tvonline, was built in 2005.

Television is one of the major entertainment media in India and is a huge industry. There are thousands of programmes broadcasts across the states of India. As of now there are over 515 channels available in India. 365 channel were free to air and 150 are pay channels. The first national telecast in India was introduced in 1982. People started buying black and white TV initally. But the Colour television was also introduced same year in the Indian market. Doordarshan was the first channel telecasted in India, which was owned by government. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) also launched in some cities around 2006-2007 by Mtnl/Bsnl which is owned by government, later Expands to many urban areas and still expanding. Private Broadband provider Bharti Airtel also starts its IPTV service in the capital, Delhi, NCR region. But IPTV and Online Video Services in India are expected to expandin future.

There are currently 515 over-the-air and satellite television channels available in India. Hindi television channel have the highest market share and are available throughout the country. In addition to that, numerous regional channels are available for selective regions. With hugh population of India various regionals or states have their own television channles. People are more interested to watch their regional channels rather than the national channels. Hindi is the which is telecasted and watched by all the people across the country. Other Languages including Urdu , Assamese, and Bhojpuri are also available.

There are several categories of channels available in India. But the list is leading by the News channels followed by Entertainment channels. The other categories are Children’s Programming, Movies, Music, News, Health & shopping, Sports, Religious, Educational, Life style and Business etc. Major television networks are Doordharshan which is owned by government, Star TV, Zee TV, Sun, ETV, TV9, DISH Tv, Sony Entertainment Television, BIG Tv, Zoom Tv, Tata Sky etc.

TV live streaming in india is available online for many television channels. you can watch TV live streaming India channels here.


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